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Kristen Schmidt is a 15+ year financial industry leader. First, as a COO with boots on the ground building a now $1 Billion+ RIA. Today, she provides her specialized expertise as a Business Operations Strategist & Consultant to Registered Investment Advisory firms.

Advisors and financial planners work with Kristen and RIA Oasis because:

  • Technology is changing and firms can’t keep up
  • Technology usage and adoption are very different things
  • Successful firms use workflows to define best practices and create repeatable processes


Is your technology a need or a want? Are you suffering from a case of “Bling Disease?”

Watch the above video for the cure!

What We Do

Tech Assessment & Recommendation

Want to find the tech that matches how you work with your clients and helps your business grow efficiently?


Optimization of Current Technology

Do you want to learn more about the tech you’re currently using and learn how to use effective optimization?


Best Practices & Workflow Building

Do you need to establish best practices within your firm and turn everyday client tasks into workflows?


“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” – John Wooden

Impactful Speaker with Actionable Take-Away’s

Available for Conferences, Keynotes, Workshops & Panel Discussions

Kristen draws upon her wealth of experience in the financial services industry and offers a unique, entertaining perspective on getting the most out of technology, & growing businesses through efficiency and optimization.

As a 2018 Fidelity* Institutional Operations Summit speaker, Kristen presented tech strategy tips & tricks to hundreds of COO’s, Advisors, Planners & Executives.

Energize your next event with actionable takeaways regarding industry technology!

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