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We often get asked about our service offerings, pricing and approach. Below are some common Q&A’s.
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How do I know which of your services are right for my firm?

We talk, and together, determine the service offering that best fits your firm. Our ongoing client relationships are based on understanding your firm’s technology needs and business structure. Schedule a call for free –share your story while we listen. If interested, we will schedule a secondary Proposal Call to review goals, initiatives & timeline.

What is the difference between the services you offer?

Although we cover a lot of ground as consultants in this industry, we help firms in three core areas:

  • Assess your technology needs & wants while identifying staff usage & adoption.
  • Show & explain multiple tech options, manage vendors and foster the decision-making process.
  • Our tech knowledge & expertise creates customized recommendations that is right for your firm.
  • Project Manage tech implementation with your team
  • Manage your firm’s entire tech ecosystem while leading the project for vendors, staff & outsourcers
  • Recommend integration data flows that bring efficiencies to your firm
  • Using the tech you have to its greatest capabilities is a big win! Optimizing what you have today creates a huge impact to productivity!

What is the cost & payment structure for your services?

Firms hire us on a monthly retainer. Pricing is based on our time spent working with your firm AND our internal time spent on research or deliverables.

Most firms fit a $2,000 – $4,000 monthly retainer.

Full Technology Assessment & Recommendation engagements are a flat fee ranging from $6,000-$12,000 dependent upon scope of the project(s).

How long do firms work with RIA Oasis?

Most firms continue an ongoing relationship with us ranging from 3-12 months, depending upon needs, staff capacity, skillset and learning curve. The scope of how we help your firm can change from month to month – together we determine realistic goals, time commitment, and costing.

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