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Who would be crazy enough to build a business revolving around technology, integrations and workflows within the financial planning and investment advisory space?
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Why Oasis?

Advisors deserve more time to focus on clients – not technology and process.

Allow us to help you make smart tech choices & define efficient best practices.

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Who Is Oasis?

Kristen Schmidt is a 15+ year financial industry leader. First, as a COO with boots on the ground building a now $billion+ RIA. Today, a Business Operations Strategist & Consultant to Registered Investment Advisory firms.

Why? Her passion is the driver as a leader in best practices and builder of increased productivity through technology integrations & workflows.


Kristen brought real change to our business. She identified problems, recommended solutions, then managed the actual implementation process. Our clients are better served because of Kristen’s help, our employees feel confident that none of the details are missed, and I am happy knowing that our office is functioning efficiently and is prepared to handle more business.

Mark Sheerin – CEO at Sherrill & Hutchins Financial Advisory, Inc.

One thing you will learn when speaking with Kristen is her thoroughness and excellent decision-making capabilities. We originally reached out to her for input on possibly changing our CRM platform. After several incisive questions, we dug deeper into more pressing issues at the firm. Kristen will be a great resource to your organization.

Thomas Mullooly, CEO, Investment Advisor, Financial Planner – Mullooly Asset Management

Kristen’s experience, knowledge, and perspective has made a tremendous difference in my business by helping us implement processes in conjunction with our technology to help take our business to the next level.

David Stone, CFP(R)

We worked with Kristen to transition our Client Relationship Management (CRM) software from a provider we had used for the past 16+ years. Kristen helped make it a seamless transition by coordinating with the new provider & guiding us through the process. Kristen’s focus and strict timeline kept us moving when we would have otherwise become stuck. I would gladly work with Kristen again.

Justus Morgan, CFP®, EA, RICP®Fee-Only Financial Planner | Columnist | Educator

I can’t begin to tell you how many hours of wasted time and tens of thousands of dollars Kristen has saved us! Any financial advisor that wants to make sure they are getting the highest and best use out of their tech stack should just hire Kristen. She’ll save you a ton of time, money and frustration.

Brian Fricke, CFP®Author – Worry Free Retirement | Financial Management Concepts

Research shows that I have less than 59 seconds to tell you my story before your mouse becomes click happy. So here it goes…

I am an Operations Strategy nerd. My passion is uncovering business solutions by marrying technology with best practice initiatives. It all started when I began working within a RIA firm that was hungry to do everything first. One of the first adopters of a cloud-based CRM, first to report performance to clients in an effort of promoting transparency, first to proudly market their responsibilities as a fiduciary.

Being first means you pave the way to success – but not without learning, adapting, faltering & teaching.

For the next 9 years I worked with an amazing Operations team to create a propriety tech platform to support a now billion-dollar RIA firm.

If you build it, they will come. And they did.

I craved more, at a bigger scale. I wanted to reach even more advisors & planners to help them achieve their growth potential while leveraging technology efficiencies along the way.

Since then I have worked with Investment Advisory firms, Financial Planning firms, industry leading tech companies, Custodians & consultants from around the US which has given me the experience to make a difference in the world of Operations.

Information about technology, integrations and workflows is abundant & free online – applying the info to your business creates growth & value.

What tech do we know and how do we help?

Happy clicking!

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