Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

Believe it or not, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and the book series that followed, recently turned 20 years old!  It was a simple yet relatable concept at a time we needed the reminder - stop worrying about the little things.  Then the authors broke the news…it’s all small stuff.  Wait - it’s ALL small stuff?  No!  It sure doesn’t FEEL like small stuff!

Fast-forward – today my business is built on sweating the small stuff!  As a Technology Strategist & Consultant to Financial Advisors & Financial Planners, I get the privilege to sweat the small stuff for my clients.  Yep – you smiled.

What’s the ‘small stuff’?  It camouflages itself in big packages. Often the small stuff we sweat over is hard to recognize in the everyday management of client relationships, staffing & technology.  Calendars not syncing, workflows not triggering, manually entering the same data into three separate tech systems…just to name a few.  These (and so many other) common frustrations effect everyone in the office - stopping what should be a simple process, dead in its tracks.

Quick Win technology tools make a HUGE positive impact to a firm’s growth & employee’s happiness.  Quick wins save time, create less chance for manual errors, and allow for steps to be automated & repeatable.

My book (if ever someday written) will be titled “Implement small stuff efficiencies so you can stop sweating”

It has a certain ring to it…right?

‘RUN-WITH-IT’ Suggestions:

Identify the small stuff your team is sweating over.
  • What processes commonly get caught in a tech hiccup?
  • Are multiple team members identifying the same problem areas?
  • Ask around! Survey employees to understand the ‘small stuff’ pain points.


Brainstorm quick wins TOGETHER.
  • Create a realistic list of solutions & ideas.
  • Research your options – does the quick win idea create less work once adopted?
  • Pose questions to your network, talk to tech vendors, read industry blogs ? Don’t jump to a quick solution in an effort to check things off your list. Remember:  the quick win should be a repeatable process that saves time or headaches.
  • Assign accountability – who will be in charge of researching, testing & reporting back to the team?


Implement & take action!
  • Create a plan to implement AND train staff on the new changes.
  • Adopt the quick win within your office & apply it as a best practice.

Written by Kristen Schmidt, Founder of RIA Oasis

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